Boss Rush Banter: Which Video Game Console Startup is Best?

There’s something alluring about the startup sound on your video game console.

After a long day of working, school, or any other responsibility, it’s nice to just sit down and play your favorite video game. As you turn on the system, the startup sound and graphic welcomes you back like an old friend.

Regardless of what console you play, these sounds and chimes set the stage for a good gaming session.

What’s fascinating about these startup chimes and graphics is they’re all different. Furthermore, each company changes them each generation, leaving us with a host of different ones that live in our memories forever. 

I’ve always been a Nintendo player so I have various memories on the consoles of my life. 

Memorable Examples from Nintendo, Xbox, PlayStation

Video Credit: Nintendo (via Ant DiClementi)

First and foremost, my favorite is the startup sound the GameCube makes. Watching that purple cube trace out the logo to a jaunty diddy will always invoke a lot of nostalgia for me. And let’s not forget the variations and the hauntingly relaxing setting screen. 

Nintendo also has opted for some simple sounds such as the single chime as the Nintendo logo lowers on the original Game Boy. Another great one is the Game Boy Advance, which is fairly simple but a bit more lively as the letters jump on the screen.

Nintendo appears to have shied away from startup sounds in recent years but they leave us with a host of great ones etched in our memories.

Other consoles have some equally memorable ones.

Video Credit: Sony (via NeoZeroo)

One that I’ve always liked is the original PlayStation. To me, it’s the epitome of the ‘90s, reminding me of those old computer games I used to play such as The Journeyman Project. Another classic is the PlayStation 3, which uses the sound of an orchestra tuning prior to a performance.

Startups don’t have to be all about the sound either. The graphic make for an equally memorable startup. 

Video Credit: Microsoft (via A2DC Gaming TV Entertainment)

The first that comes to mind is the original Xbox, featuring a green blob breaking free of a lab tube. The Xbox 360 also used some memorable graphics with a silver sphere amid a green wave that eventually comes to rest on the sphere, revealing the logo.

One last personal favorite is the simple yet memorable Sega Genesis. It’s as simple as a wipe reveal of the Sega logo but it’s the chime that stays with you. Everytime I see the logo, I hear the singing of the Sega name.

What is your Favorite Console Startup?

Video Credit: Sega (via bWildcat2)

Startup chimes and graphics are such a simple part of the video game experience but to me, they properly set the stage. 

Sure, people want to just get to their games, and I get that. But hearing that GameCube chime always got me in the right mood to play. Plus, they sit forever in my memory, reminding me of younger days.

But what do you think? Which console startups are your favorite? Are there ones that invoke a strong sense of nostalgia? We’d love to hear from you so drop us a comment below or check out our Discord and Facebook to get in on the conversation. 

Featured Image: Eurogamer

6 thoughts on “Boss Rush Banter: Which Video Game Console Startup is Best?

  1. I remember being slightly annoyed by the original PlayStation just because I wanted to dive into the game and not have to wait! Compared to my previous SNES system, the time to boot a game was excruciating!

    1. For me, the GameCube was stressful because I never knew if my baby sister finally did in one of my games so while the sounds are exciting, they can be excruciating if you don’t know if your game is going to load!

      1. Okay, that’s a layer of stress that I’m glad I didn’t have to be concerned about!! 😅 (my sister didn’t play any of my games)

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