Boss Rush Banter: Is the Pokemon Company Running Out of Good Designs for New Pokemon?

On Wednesday morning, August 3rd, a Pokemon Presents showered fans with additional information about Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet. These games will include a brand new generation of Pokemon. The last generation was introduced back in 2019, and many are eager to see what Generation Nine will look like. However, every once and I while, I hear comments about how “lame” and uninspiring many of the newer generation of Pokemon are. No doubt it is tough to keep ideas fresh and cool once you near almost 1,000 critters. After Pokemon Presents revealed two new Gen 9 Pokemon, I did wonder–is the Pokemon Company running out of good ideas for new Pokemon?

Let’s look at a few examples in previous generations. Vanillite and its evolutionary forms are commonly mocked for its design. Quite frankly, it’s just an living breathing vanilla ice cream cone. We also have Klefki, which looks like a ring of keys, Probopass, which has a massive honker and mustache that is hard to take seriously, and Pineco, which is literally a pinecone with eyes. There are several uninspiring designs, leaving many people scratching their heads. While the first two or three generations had a few oddballs as well, it seems like there are more unoriginal Pokemon as the years pass.

At this stage, where does the Pokemon Company go from here? After the release of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, we are likely to see the Pokedex register over 1,000 Pokemon. Honestly, Cetitan and Fidough personally do nothing for me, and I’m a little worried about what else we will see in Gen 9. By no means am I dumping on what I’ve seen so far–I just hope the Pokemon Company steps up their design A-game!

Image courtesy of the Pokemon Company via Escapist Magazine

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Featured Image courtesy of the Pokemon Company via The Gamer

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