PODCAST: What’s Our Game(s)? — The Cross Roads Game Podcast EPISODE 90

LeRon, Stoy, and Andre play a fun game revolving around their careers as gamers in this episode. The crew also discusses the possible ramifications Sony faces if Call of Duty becomes an exclusive for Microsoft, Phil Spencer’s most-anticipated game, the troubling internet problem Bungie has to deal with, and more!

Cross Roads Video Game Podcast | Episode 89

The Cross Roads Team:

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Time Stamps:

00:00 – Opening and Housekeeping
30:05 – What Are We Playing?

Notable Games Coming to PlayStation This Week

PC continues to hold down the week of gaming as August officially rolls to a start. With some quirky indie titles like Frogun debuting this week we have a number of BIG expansions hit the scene.

50:46 – Notable Games Releasing This Week


PlayStation Plus Essential August 2022 Games Are Here!

The August 2022 PlayStation Plus Essential games for subscribers to PlayStation Plus are live and this month looks to be an extremely strong month with some truly AAA offerings from Sony and their partnered publishing studios!

1:01:43 – PS+ Essential August 2022 Games

Bungie Scales Back Fan Communication Following Increasing Harassment and Threats

Citing an increase in harassment and “real threats towards our people and our studio” Destiny 2 developer Bungie will begin to do what it can to protect its staff — the first step being that it will decrease communication with the fan community…

1:12:19 – Bungie Talks About Harassment

God of War Ragnarök is Phil Spencer’s Most Anticipated Game

In a somewhat surprising bit of news, Xbox fans on Twitter learned that God of War Ragnarök is the most-anticipated game for Phil Spencer, CEO of Microsoft Gaming,

1:24:43 – Phil Spencer Talks God of War

Sony Fears Xbox Owning Call of Duty May Influence Users’ Choice of Console

In an official response from Sony to Brazil’s regulatory body, Sony believes that the influence of Call of Duty could inspire users to switch to Xbox following Microsoft’s proposed acquisition of Activision Blizzard. Brazil is one of many regions currently studying the proposed Microsoft deal for approval.

1:37:48 – Sony’s Worries about Call of Duty

Questions and Answers

Q: “ What games in the PS Summer sale are y’all getting?!”

1:45:55 – Q & A

BIG TOPIC: The Game(s) Name Game

1:52:04 – The Game(s) Name Game

The Wrap-Up

2:06:53 – The Wrap-up and Plugs
2:10:30 – Featured Articles on Boss Rush:

Featured Articles From This Show

2:13:02 – Outro

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