Boss Rush Banter: Better to Binge a Good Book, Game, or Show?

There’s nothing quite like the experience of being caught up in a good story. The overwhelming need to discover what happens next, to watch with half-covered eyes the fate of our favorite character, to emerge from that climactic ending with a newfound sense of wonder. And what better time to be carried away than summer? The days are long, the weather is fine, and most find time to sneak away from the demands of work.

But what’s the best medium to get lost in with a good story? This is a delightful conundrum I found myself in recently after picking up the celebrated indie game Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King on the Nintendo Switch. I’d been reading a lot lately, caught up in my favorite science-fiction franchise, and wanted to change things up.

I didn’t expect to love Blossom Tales so much. The game is essentially a love letter to The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, a game that defined my childhood in the 90s. I quickly found myself immersed in the indie game, drawn in by the clever storytelling and the rapture of nostalgia.

I suddenly had a difficult time deciding how to use my free hours of the day. In addition to my binge of the novels from the Aliens franchise, I was also immersed in two outstanding television shows, Better Call Saul and The Boys. There’s something special about the thrill of “just one more episode,” the assurance that for an hour, you’ll forget the world exists as you take in an expertly spun yarn.

Of course, the same could be said for the unique experiences of reading a page-turner or dropping a hundred hours into a beloved game after its release. Each of these mediums provides a special way to experience “story,” allowing us to escape the stress and cares of modern life. In the end, it comes down to preference, or perhaps the specific works of art you are enjoying in that moment.

Tell us what you think! Which medium do you prefer to get lost in when consuming a good story: book, game, or show? Share your reactions in the comments below or join in the discussion over on Boss Rush Network’s Discord and Facebook.

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    1. Very true! Probably depends on my energy level too. Each experience is so unique in terms of mediums.

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