Boss Rush Banter: Why Have We Not Received a Nintendo Land Game Driven by amiibo?

With all the amiibo that have been released to this world I have often wondered why has Nintendo not utilized or capitalized off such a venture? Releasing in November of 2014 alongside Super Smash Brothers for Wii U we were filled with promise with the NFC technology we had at hand inside creative and artistic figurines. Beyond housing smash character data and other smaller opportunities, why hasn’t Nintendo pushed for more?

When I look at games Like Nintendo Land, that made a debut on Wii U, I see potential for a future game that makes use of the amiibo. Nintendo Land had 12 games from a vast selection of its IP basket that were incredibly different and more importantly, fun.  Games in various worlds such as, The Legend of Zelda, Animal Crossing, Luigi’s Mansion, and Donkey Kong, show the scope of worlds that Nintendo covers. How could a new game within Nintendo Land or similar IP harness the amiibo and repurpose its purpose?

Nintendo is very good at taking a peripheral or console additive such as Ring Fit or 3D and harnessing it to create a fun and new experience. That being said sometimes the ideas don’t pan out, such as Virtual Boy or Wii remote usage in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. But Nintendo is never afraid to take new avenues, so of coarse amiibo fall under this category. The Amiibo have an original purpose but how can they take what s there and put them in the limelight? You do this by building a game from the ground up and make a genuine and unique concept, with the soul purpose of being fun.

What if you made a game where its within a strategy or RPG genre? You could take the amiibo and enter them into a full scale battle while leveling it up. I was thinking along the lines of Skylanders but with a more robust functionality. Or maybe a Heroes of the Storm type experience where each amiibo figure can be summoned to form a team and accomplish the tasks. Even an adventure game that creates different or varying stories depending on the character used would be welcomed. A party game would be the easiest way to mesh the various IPs together into a fun collection of mini-games and resemble a Nintendo Land title, just not in an Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival sort of way. Honestly any use of them would benefit Nintendo in some way. People who own them would most likely purchase the game and newer consumers could start collecting and playing the titles that were introduced. Very much a win win.

What ideas do you have for amiibo longevity? What genre would best suit the amiibo as a whole. Do you own any amiibo, if so what are your favorites? I truly believe Nintendo is missing an opportunity within this community. Tell us your thoughts on the subject and what you would do if you had a say in the matter.

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