Untitled Black Panther/Captain America Game Announced

During today’s D23 Disney and Marvel Games Showcase, the long rumored Marvel game helmed by Uncharted guru Amy Hennig was officially unveiled. Check out the cinematic trailer below.

Though not much is revealed in the trailer, we can gather that the game takes place during WWII and that Captain America and Black Panther will face off at some point in the game. As to who the other two heroes are, we can speculate but nothing official has been announced, yet.

It will probably be a while until we learn more about this game, like a title and a release window, but it’s nice to finally know which direction Hennig is going in after it was announced in 2019 that she was working on a new AAA story-driven game with Skydance New Media. For more information on this game and others, you’re already in the right place.

Source: Shack News

Featured Image Source: CNET

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