Boss Rush Banter: Where is the Best Place to Start on a new Video Game Franchise?

Starting a new gaming franchise often brings a lot of excitement with some anxiety sprinkled atop.

It’s always fun to try new genres and gaming franchises, but there’s always the daunting question of where’s the best place to start a franchise. To make matters worse, everyone seems to have their own strong opinion on where you should start. This can especially be overwhelming when the franchise has run for decades.

I’ve come across this a lot because I’ve missed entire generations of gaming and only had Nintendo consoles. The Switch has allowed for many previously-exclusive franchises to make their way to the console. 

While every franchise is unique, I have noticed some trends when asking where the best place to start is in a new franchise. 

Where to Start?

I often see people recommending to start with the more recent game in a franchise.

Role-playing games have become my favorite in recent years so I’ve been exploring many new-to-me franchises such as Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest.

For Dragon Quest, many recommended I start with Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age. They told me it would help me enjoy the franchise without working through older traits that could hinder the experience.

Another recommendation I got was to start older. This came to fruition as I dipped my toe into Final Fantasy

Image Credit: Square Enix (via Playstation Store)

I narrowed down my starting point to either FFVII or FFX. I went to Reddit to ask and the overwhelming response I got was to start with FFVII

The key rationale was because I would have a harder time going back to older entries if I started with newer games. 

I followed both pieces of advice and have enjoyed my entries into both franchises. 

Another factor I’ve heard used for starting points is the easiest-to-play entry in the series. This is actually my go-to when people ask about The Legend of Zelda as I often recommend Wind Waker, which I see as the easiest.

There are also many who lean into the purist state and recommend you start at the beginning. This is a great approach but it can be difficult if the franchise started decades ago and retro games may turn off potential fans.

What Do You Think?

There’s no wrong way to start a new franchise. It all boils down to personal preferences of both the recommender and the one asking.

What do you think? What is your approach when starting a new franchise? How do you respond when someone asks you where a good starting point is in your favorite franchise?

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Featured Image: Square Enix

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