Boss Rush Banter: What Nintendo IP Should LEGO Choose Next?

Recently for my birthday my family gifted me the Super Mario 64 question mark block, which is my first LEGO set in 20 plus years. What was great was I was not expecting this at all, and I knew nothing about its contents which made this set even better to construct. With 2064 LEGO pieces in all this is the most intricate set I have built. As a kid I had all the UFO LEGO sets with a dab of explorers, space shuttle and jungle set to round it out. This amazing set made me truly appreciate the artistic innovation that went into constructing such a design. This also made me think of what other Nintendo IPs could make amazing staples to the LEGO library.

Mario Kart – Making a LEGO track that can be modified with additional pieces to add on the track as well as more karts with racers would be thrilling. It would be amazing enough to have stationary displays of the tracks and karts, but what if you could race them and have the laps, time, and status play out over your mobile phone or Nintendo Switch? If you drive over a question mark block you can see an item on screen and use it and cause other karts to stall on the track. This would be so interactive and fun.

Metroid Having loved the UFO setswhen I was younger, I truly would appreciate some Metroid series sets. From alien worlds and space pirates to Samus’s ship and suits I could see a celestial lineup from this IP. Her Iconic ship for sure would be amazing, but what I thought of right away was the Mario question mark block, and the series doing something similar. What if you constructed the Morph ball that transformed into Samus Aran herself or have mini stages and boss fight scenes within. I believe it would make an amazing set.

ZeldaThe last series which would have me most excited would be sets based in Hyrule or its historical lands. The first thing that comes to mind is a Great Deku tree set, which would be an amazing build. Other ideas are the master sword inside the Temple of Time, Wolf Link and Tetra, Skyloft, a guardian, the mask salesman, or perhaps even The King of Red Lions, Tetra’s, or Linebecks boat. I can think of so many ideas when it comes to this series. All these are grand ideas, but I all know you secretly want a Tingle set. To me Zelda would have some pretty great ideas to bring into brick form.       

With the vast library of IPs that Nintendo has coupled with the highly skilled LEGO creative teams, I do believe future LEGO sets will be built to fuel more incredible worlds. Do you feel that it’s time to see more from both companies? And how would you feel if the Next Mario Maker game featured a LEGO medium as part of its level designer? Maybe that is for another discussion? Let me know your thoughts piece by piece.

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