Boss Rush Banter: Who Are Your Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope Go-Tos?

Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope introduces some new playable characters, while bringing some classics back. Each one has their own special ability and use in battle to help reach your objective. Out of nine total characters in your team, you generally can only enter a mission with three. So, which three do you tend to stick with?

The majority of objectives in Sparks of Hope are to defeat all or select enemies; however, there are also ones where being on the offensive is not the priority. Sometimes you must survive a number of turns or reach the opposite end of the arena. While the objective does tweak what your needs are, it’s important to note that all your teammates level up at the same time. With that being said, many players including myself, have grown partial to a particular “dream team” and only swapping out when necessary.

My dream team is:

Rabbid Peach

Although my friends know I tend to run in “guns blazing” with a preference for strong, melee characters in video games, I almost always have Rabbid Peach on my team. She’s known as the Healer of the group, and it comes in handy in any objective. In addition to that, she still has a decent Triple-Troll weapon. Although it is not the strongest, the projectiles can reach even the most hidden enemies.


Edge is a tough cookie. She has a strong, throwable sword, which you can double down on with her Stormblade ability. That deals another hit as soon as an enemy comes within her line of sight. It can be helpful to prevent or slow an attack on herself or others.

Rabbid Rosalina +/- Bowser

Okay, so I cheated. My number three is a tie. Boswer is my brute force buddy whose Bowzooka can obliterate enemies near and far. His Rabbid Mechakoopas can target enemies and provide additional hits. However, it’s hard to beat Rabbid Rosalina’s “charm”. Her Ennui ability has a lot of range, freezing enemies in a temporary stasis. Although a “defensive” ability, it has versatile uses no matter the objective. Her Kaboomer, like Rabbid Peach’s Triple-Troll, isn’t the strongest, but it still comes in handy.

Of course, each teammate pulls his or her own weight. I never hesitate to swap out for Luigi if I need a sniper or Peach if I feed we need protection from strong enemies.

Have you picked up Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope yet, and who are your reliable three? Please share your thoughts with us on our Boss Rush Facebook Group or our Boss Rush Discord.

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