Boss Rush Banter: What Brings You Back to Replay a Game?

We recently moved house. Something I haven’t done by choice or necessity for almost a decade. And you don’t really realize how stiff the roots you put down are until you have to dig them back up. To extend the metaphor, you also don’t realize how much dirt goes flying when those roots finally give! The literal mess I’m left with is made up of unmarked boxes, stuff I forgot I owned and don’t need that is unpacked and looking for a new home, and essential stuff, like my Play Station, that is boxed up and waiting for its spot under the TV. It’s responsibly out of reach until just as soon as I’ve settled in enough to deserve a little down time.

But this forced sabbatical from games has really got me thinking about what I’ll fire up the moment that last crate of clothes is in our closet and the title of Junk Drawer in the kitchen has been awarded. It has me anticipating. It has me hyped! Just the thought of clicking an HDMI cord into place gets me humming as I find a spot in the medicine cabinet for our first aid kit. And out of seemingly nowhere, I realize I want to play Hades again. I’m surprised in myself that the first thing I’m jonesing to play is a repeat, and not some hot new like God of War: Ragnarok.

And now I’m wondering, what brings you back to replay a game?

There are a few reasons I think the first thing I’ll do when I can grab a controller again is put Zagreus through his paces. One: Hades is a masterpiece. Two: I’m currently teaching Myths & Legends at my high school, and the sheer amount of pretty legit knowledge my students have arrived with thanks to Hades and others like God of War and Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey just rules. As a teacher it’s a thrill to see aspects of classical literature and pop culture collide. Three: Hades is competitive business in my house. When last we played, my daughter had mopped the floor with my run times and overall progress. I doubt I can hope to match her, but she’s got me motivated to at least shoot for some new personal bests. And Four: Megaera

What does it take for a game to call you back? Tell us what’s on repeat in your collection down in the comments or over at the Boss Rush Discord.

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