Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Pre-Orders For PS4/Switch Now Live, Physical Editions Are Square Enix Store Exclusive

Pre-orders for physical editions of Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster are now available on the Square Enix store for both North American and Japanese markets.

A tentative release date of May 31, 2023 is given.

Customers can nab all six games in one convenient, physical collection for $74.99 USD + tax & shipping.

Pre-orders for digital versions of the games have yet to surface, but again these should appear on their respected storefronts. It is expected that, like their PC and Mobile counterparts, gamers can purchase each of the six games individually on digital storefronts.

Earlier in the week, listings for PS4/Switch versions of the Final Fantasy titles 1-6 appeared on the ESRB website, signaling that the once PC/Mobile exclusives were inbound.

Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster is a collection of the first six games in the franchise that first released in 2021 for PC and mobile devices. Each of the games consist of updated visuals, more streamlined gameplay, and more cohesion between the six titles. The collection has been criticized however, largely for missing additional content that has been offered in previous re-releases, and for small changes, namely with a hard to read font.

It appears from screenshots that these critiques have not been addressed, as the same font is being used to promote the PS4 and Switch versions.

Publisher and developer Square Enix has stated on the website that the physical editions of the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster will be a “small run,” and that “quantities will be extremely limited.” Collectors will certainly want to jump at this physical item before it becomes all but impossible to find.

Speaking of collectors, a special “Anniversary Edition” is also made available. This collection includes the following:

  • Final Fantasy I-VI Collection game package
  • Final Fantasy I-VI Pixel Remaster -FF35th Anniversary Edition- Goods Box
  • Final Fantasy I-VI Pixel Remaster Vinyl
  • The Art of Final Fantasy Pixel I-VI Remaster -FF DOT. Pixel Remaster ver.-
  • Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Pixel Figure Set

In addition, a “Purchase Bonus” is listed and containing a “Final Fantasy I-VI Collection Lenticular Sleeve.

All of this will run you a cool $259.99 USD + tax & shipping, a steep price but certainly worth it to the most diehard fans out there.

The games being added to the website comes at a very appropriate time, as today marks the 35th anniversary of the franchise’s first release in Japan.

Will you be snagging one of these elusive physical editions? Are you a big enough fan to shell out for the Anniversary Edition? Have you already played the Pixel Remaster, and if so what are your thoughts? Sound off in the comments below and on our social media channels!

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