Boss Rush Banter: What if the Switch was Nintendo’s Last Unique Console?

The Nintendo Switch has proven to be an exceptional console, regardless of anyone’s opinion about its “outdated” technology. While it may not have the processing power of a PC or Xbox Series X, it has sold over 144 million units (and counting). It currently sits at the 5th best selling console of all time, inching ever so close to passing the PlayStation 4 and Gameboy. There are three iterations since its launch in 2017–the standard, the Lite, and the OLED. What if Nintendo is banking on the Switch’s success and kept it as their final console, only releasing updated versions of itself over time?

Think of the cell phone model. New versions of iPhones and androids are released annually with new features and better hardware. Nintendo has done something like this in the past on a smaller scale– releasing the Gameboy Color after the Gameboy and the Nintendo DS series (standard, Lite, DSi, DSi XL, and 3DS). Releasing several versions for a singular system has known to extend their lifespan and secure additional sales, and if the Nintendo Switch is successful with just a standard, Lite, and OLED, can you imagine the legs on this if they released a Switch “Pro” version that fans have been begging for?

No one can contest that the Nintendo Switch is successful. Sales numbers do not lie. It also has a breadth of games for all ages–kids and adults alike–and portability that the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series don’t have. These factors alone make it an easy console to put in every household, if not several in each house hold. For example, I have two at the moment. One standard for my son, and one OLED for me.

While I personally believe Nintendo will eventually create a console to succeed the Switch, I do think they will aim for one, maybe two, more versions of it before the sun sets on its time on shelves. If you think about it, what are fans asking for the most from Nintendo? A more powerful system, or at least ones that can handle basic games without frame rates chugging ten ton bricks. Nintendo doesn’t need to create a whole new system to do this; therefore, it would make sense for them to release something like a “Pro” to complete the Switch portfolio. If Nintendo released a more powerful Switch, I can see this console easily surpassing its tenth birthday.

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