Boss Rush Banter: Does Nintendo Have the Best 2023 First-Party Plans Compared to Microsoft and Sony?

Nintendo had a Nintendo Direct in February and for the next few months, it will have 7 first party games released or coming soon to the Nintendo Switch. Sony will have PSVR 2 with Horizon: Call Of The Mountain as a launch game and later, Spider-Man 2 for PS5. Microsoft released Hi-Fi Rush and Redfall with Minecraft Legends and Starfield coming this year also.

It seems that each console will have some excellent games on their respective platform but out of all them, does the Switch have the best game plan with its releases?

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With Fire Emblem Engage and the surprise shadow drop for Metroid Prime Remastered, it seems Nintendo has started off the year with a bang. Yes, we got Kirby Return To Dreamland Deluxe and Bayonetta Origins out but we also are receiving the long-awaited Advance Wars 1+2 Re-boot Camp in April, The Legend Of Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom in May, and Pikman 4 in July. The Switch will have its library of hit first-party games expanding. There’s still some surprises that we don’t know about but for now, it seems that the Switch has a more reliable list of games people can look forward to.

Microsoft did have its own direct but outside of the Hi-Fi Rush shadow drop (which is a phenomenal game), Microsoft still doesn’t have a firm plan for the games that should be out. Perfect Dark, Hellblade 2, Forza Motorsport, Avowed, and Everwild, along with Kojima’s planned exclusive for Xbox, all don’t have any concrete release dates. Yes, Forza Motorsport is this summer and Starfield will be out in September, but players might not trust those plans. 

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Sony, on the other hand, will focus on PSVR 2, which is understandable but for the love of everything, where are the first-party planned games? Spider-Man 2? That’s it? That’s all for 2023 at this moment? I am not worried about the third-party offerings, but for the company’s first party, what do they have ready for us?

Nintendo seems to continue to have games planned and even with delays, we know we’ll have a packed year with at least 5 or more first-party titles. Although we don’t know what is happening in September and beyond, it still seems that Nintendo has some things under wraps and cannot wait to reveal what it has been working on for the fall and winter this year.

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Sorry Microsoft and Sony, I believe Nintendo’s first-party plans are the best and I don’t think anything, at this time, can top that. Unless we get some release dates, surprise drops, and have at least 5 games ready to release this year from them, Nintendo seems prepared to deliver top-quality games regularly from it alone. Its plans are ready to play out.

Do you think Nintendo first-party lineup is better than Microsoft and Sony right now? Let us know in the comments or on our Discord.

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