Create Your Own Stained Glass Masterpieces: Sagrada Artisans is Available for Late Pledges

Late pledges are now open for the tabletop game Sagrada Artisans, the latest installment in the Sagrada series. Each player takes control of a rival family of artisans, constructing a cathedral’s window over the course of generations.

As the game progresses, players will roll dice, fill in their window on coloring book pages, and uncover secrets within the game box itself. This time there is no board; players instead use a notebook and a series of colored pencils to play. As a legacy game, players will also permanently alter the components of the game as the rounds pass. The game is played in a campaign over a number of sessions.

Image Source: Floodgate Games
Image Source: Floodgate Games

Sagrada Artisans was co-designed by Adrian Adamescu and Daryl Andrews, and is published by Floodgate Games.

The Kickstarter edition of the game includes unique bonuses like three additional sets of colored pencils, a custom pencil sharpener, the promo unlock envelope Y, Window Booster Pack II by Geek Orthodox, and Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, and Purple Legacy point stickers. All editions of the game include Window Booster Pack I. Window Boooster Pack III by Komboh is also available as an add-on. Window Boosters are additional packs of blank “Stained glass” coloring pages with new designs. Other add-ons include a Campaign Reset kit and a custom dice tower. 

You can purchase the Kickstarter Edition of Sagrada Artisans for $75.00 from Floodgate Games. 

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Source: Floodgate Games

Image Source: Sagrada Artisans (Kickstarter)

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