Boss Rush Banter: Which Tears of the Kingdom Sage Ability is the Most Useful?

Author’s Note: No story spoilers; however, new game mechanics are discussed.

I can’t believe I’ve powered through over 50 hours of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Despite my progress on the main story line, I know I barely scratched the surface. One recent accomplishment was checking out and resolving the four regional phenomena that have impacted the Rito, the Zora, the Goron, and the Gerudo people. After teaming up with a partner and defeat the cause of the phenomena, the partner awakens as a sage and lends you their power through an omnipresent avatar. Which of these is the most useful to you?

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Regardless of the order you tackle the regional phenomena, you walk away from each with an ally and their power. You have:

  • Prince Sidon: He can encase you in a water bubble. This can block a hit and even keep you cool in arid regions. When you attack, the bubble pops and sends a wave of water in that direction.
  • Chief Riju: She summons an electric forcefield. A massive bolt of lightning strikes the wherever your next arrow hits.
  • President Yunobo: Whether on a vehicle or on foot, you can call on him to hurl himself at an enemy or blockage, leaving a blaze upon impact.
  • Tulin: His ability is similar to Champion Revali; however, he shoots a gale in the direction you face (therefore a horizontal boost versus a vertical one).

Although I personally enjoyed the story and temple in the Eldin Region with Yunobo the most and Riju’s thunder can pack a powerful punch, Tulin hands down is my most utilized sage ability. His boost of wind has greatly enhanced my ability to get to certain places, especially in the sky. The enhanced mobility is a cherished thing in a massive open world such as Tears of the Kingdom.

Image credit: Nintendo
Image credit: Nintendo

I was a little disappointed on what Sidon had to offer, and I personally kept forgetting to summon his ability.

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If you have completed the four regional phenomena and are running the fields of Hyrule with the four sages, which of their abilities is the most useful to you? Please share your thoughts with us on our Boss Rush Facebook Group or our Boss Rush Discord.

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