Boss Rush Banter: What Are Your Thoughts on the Final Fantasy XVI Demo?

The Final Fantasy XVI demo recently released and many have a lot of thoughts about it.

The demo is a two-hour sampling of what players can expect for the newest iteration of the Final Fantasy franchise ahead of its June 22 release. It provides a look at the world, combat, story, and the larger-than-life Eikon battles.

So what did you think about the demo?

For me, the biggest showcase of this demo was the story. This was also the demo’s strongest feature.

I won’t spoil anything for those who want to play either the demo or the game, but the demo provided a great introduction to Clive Rosfield as well as some of his motives.

The demo also did a good job at introducing the darker tone this game will exude. It leaves off on a strong cliffhanger that got me ready for the main game.

Image Credit: Square Enix (via Noisy Pixel)

The Eikons were also at the forefront of this demo. Players got a chance to partake in their combat as well as see how these large creatures interact with the world itself.

I thought this was a good introduction, but it felt small by comparison as I got more opportunities for hand-to-hand combat. That’s not a bad thing, I just want to see more of this action.

A big criticism of the game is its lack of turn-based combat. I know some may have an issue with these controls, but I really enjoyed them.

This demo did a great job training you and helping learn the basics. It also showcased how clean combat can be and where it can potentially go.

Another criticism has been the world itself. While everything looks beautiful, play area in the demo did feel like a hallway where you couldn’t explore so much. On top of that, some criticized the world as being dull with not a lot of ambient sounds.

There’s a lot to look at with this demo and public opinion may have shifted a bit regarding Final Fantasy XVI after the sample’s release. That’s not to say the public was down on the game, but social media does seem a tad more positive.

And that’s one of the reasons why a demo can be so beneficial to any game, regardless of how early it may release. That said, I thoroughly enjoyed this demo and am bummed I have to wait over a week now for the game’s release.

But what about you? What did you think about the demo? What worked and what didn’t work for you in the demo? Did it change your opinion on the game? Let us know in the comments below or head over to our Discord channel to join the conversation.

Featured Image: Square Enix (via Polygon)

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