Legacy Board Game “Gloomhaven” Coming To Nintendo Switch

During the Nintendo Direct earlier today, Nintendo announced that Gloomhaven is coming to the Nintendo Switch later this year. Originally for Windows and Steam, Gloomhaven features card-based gameplay through a series of missions set in different dungeons.

For more information, check out the Gloomhaven announcement trailer from today’s Nintendo Direct (Source: Nintendo via YouTube)

Gloomhaven is an adaptation of the hit board game of the same name. Featuring 17 different mercenaries to command, the game features selecting different cards to form a deck, and combining different cards for powerful effects. Mercenaries feature common fantasy archetypes, such as the Spellweaver, a powerful mage, or the Scoundrel, a sneaky rogue who hides in the shadows.

The board game Gloomhaven is adapted from is a Legacy game, meaning it’s meant to be played over time as you upgrade your deck each time you play. With hundreds of cards, miniatures, and pieces to keep track of, the video game adaptation makes for an easier time managing the game itself.

Gloomhaven is available on Nintendo Switch on September 18th, with pre-orders beginning today. Will you be picking up this adventure? Let us know in a comment below, or join the Boss Rush Discord.

Featured Image: Asmodee Games

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