How to Combo in Final Fantasy XVI for Beginners

Final Fantasy is a franchise that has been around since 1987 with 16 mainline installments with many more spinoffs. The franchise’s charming appeal is that every game is very different than the last, whether it be the battle system, to the art direction, to the tone of the story. Their latest installment, Final Fantasy 16, happens to be the biggest leap from the familiar turn based battle into an action battle system similar to the Devil May Cry series.

Personally, I’ve never played an action-style game like this before, so making battles quicker and easier has been a challenge for me. I’ve taken a lot of time in the practice arena to see what combos are effective and easy and here’s what I’ve come up with. They’re geared towards fighting enemies with a will bar since you can essentially do whatever you want with regular enemies.

Semi-spoilers ahead for those who aren’t 6 hours into the game.

Deadly Embrace

This isn’t a combo, but a friendly reminder that when your enemy is at half will, they’ll stumble a little bit and this is where you use deadly embrace to topple them and start wailing on them.

Taking down enemies will help break the enemies will bar even faster

The Phoenix Combo

This is a combo that you can do right away. It’s even so effective, you can use it late game. Make sure you’re upgrading and learning abilities as you go.
Phoenix shift > Attack > Magic Burst > Attack > Magic Burst > Attack > Scarlet Cyclone > Rising Flames
This feels like the gateway combo. Once you get this down, you’ll start to get a feel for combos and creating your own.

The Good Boi Combo

This one will take a little more practice and discipline. First, upgrade the abilities “Burning Blade” and “Magic Charge” to max, and make sure you do not have the Ring of Timely Assistance equipped.
Ground charged Burning Blade > Torgal Sic (up on d pad) > Phoenix Shift + Hold L1 > Right when Phoenix Shift ends left go of L1 and use magic > Repeat 3 and 4
I found this one to be quite difficult, but it’s very rewarding once you get it!

Using Torgal can greatly help you in your battles

I hope these combos are a good stepping stone and help you on your incredible journey through Final Fantasy XVI! If you have any great combos you’d like to share, please send them our way at the community on our Boss Rush Facebook Group or our Boss Rush Discord.

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