Boss Rush Banter: Who Would Make the Most Chaotic D&D Party Possible?

The most reposted Dungeons & Dragons moments are often the most chaotic with the players creatively working the rules of the games. With so many clever players, who would make the most chaotic D&D party possible?

In this ideal world, you have connections to bring in Emily Axford and Lou Wilson as a character duo. These two formed a formidable team in A Court of Fey & Flowers. The Lords of the Wing performed some of the most creative tricks on other players as well as on Aabria Iyengar, their game master. If you can manage to ensure Emily has Gift of Gab, then you’re well on your way.

Lou Wilson in ACOFAF (Image Credit: Dimension 20)

You’ll also want to get Sam Riegel. Make sure to hunt down any embarrassing pictures your DM might have well beforehand, so he has time to make shirts.

Sam Riegel (Image Credit: Sam Riegel)

Sam will naturally include Liam O’Brien in the planning stages whether or not he is invited as a player, but you should prepare for him to want to be included. Of course, he’ll play the straight man on camera, but odds are he’ll be pulling some of the most ingenious long cons behind the set.

Liam O’Brien and Sam Riegel (Image Credit: Critical Role)

With Critical Role and Dimension 20 represented, you’ll need to look to Legends of Avantris, but you’ll need to be specific. Invite Mikey Gilder along, but specify that he needs to bring Chuckles.

Mikey Gilder (Image Credit: Legends of Avantris)

Now, at this point, you’re risking too much chaos, and too much chaos will trigger all the above players to sink into serious mode in an attempt to balance the chaos because, at their core, these are all excellent players with a sound understanding of the game and how to move the plot to their whims. For utter chaos, you need The Wet Blanket. One player so serious, so determined, yet with such an utter enjoyment of chaos as others unfold it that they formulate the structure through which the rest will absolutely massacre reality.

There’s a chance Liam might take up this role; however, to be safe, he needs back-up. Laura Bailey or Marisha Ray might work, but they’re a chaos risk. Siobhan Thompson clicks with Emily so well that their chaos may counteract the chaos created with Lou, so she’s risky too. People who are often DMs like Matt Mercer or Brennan Lee Mulligan might fit this role well, but the most ideal person is Brian Murphy.

Brian Murphy (Image Credit: Dimension 20)

His roles will be a disaster, but he’ll stay the course as the party’s straight man, keeping just enough order to permit maximum chaos despite the dice literally working against him. With that, you’ve got the perfect combination of players for peak chaos.

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Featured Image: Critical Role

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