Boss Rush Banter: What Makes a Good Let’s Play?

If you told me that watching people play video games would become popular ten years ago, I would’ve said you’re crazy. Nowadays, even I prefer to sit back and enjoy Let’s Play videos instead of actual television shows. With the boom of Twitch and YouTube accounts, Let’s Play videos are abundant. What do you consider a good Let’s Play that is worth watching?

While it could be overwhelming with the number of YouTubers/Twitch streamers out there, the benefit is that there are choices for everyone. Odds are you can find a Let’s Play on any video game recorded by more than one personality. So, my initial and boring answer would be that it depends on your taste!

For me, humor is incredibly important when I watch a Let’s Play because the difference between playing a video game versus watching someone else is the added entertainment value. If the personality is laid back, funny, and positive, I will gravitate more toward them. I don’t enjoy watching anyone who is too critical, mean-spirited, or serious because…my personal life is full of that already. My top three are Markiplier, Let’s Play (Rooster Teeth), and the Game Grumps. Markiplier is humble, loud, and funny–sure, it could be viewed as silly and childish, but it brings levity that I sorely need.

The revolving cast at Rooster’s Teeth on their Let’s Play Account–a group of friends dress up in costume while playing Resident Evil 2 Remake. Their commentary gives me a good ab work out!

As far as game choice, I prefer to watch horror Let’s Plays because I am too chicken to play them myself. I tend to stay away from Let’s Plays of things I also play…because it’s repetitive for me and my limited time, although I can see the value in that.

Despite personal preferences, a decent Let’s Play should at least be of good video and audio quality, not filled with a ton of dead air, and game progression. Each video should progress to a certain point in the game versus the player running around in circles accomplishing nothing (I do enough of that as it is).

What do you think makes a worthy Let’s Play? Tell us some of the people you watch and subscribe too! Please share your thoughts with us on our Boss Rush Facebook Group or our Boss Rush Discord.

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One thought on “Boss Rush Banter: What Makes a Good Let’s Play?

  1. Over time, I find myself drawn to commentary-free let’s plays. I’m looking for a sample of the gameplay to see if it appeals to me, or watching a game that I’m unlikely to get the chance to play. And I’m always charmed to see how the personality of the player comes out even just via gameplay footage.

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