Boss Rush Banter: Do News Outlets that Report on Rumors (like the “Switch 2”) Make Them Less Credible?

I was going to write about the movie adaptation Annapurna Interactive announced for their indie hit, Stray, but something else snagged my attention today. Rumors of the next video game or showcase are always present in one way, shape, or form, and it’s up to the individual to take them with a grain of salt. However, my Apple Newsfeed was filled with literally nothing but rumors and not actual news this morning. Do news outlets that rely on the rumor mill lose credibility?

I wish I took a screenshot, but I scrolled past several articles detailing leakers who hinted at the next Nintendo Switch, what their features would be like, and that it would be released “sooner than expected”. Even Tom’s Guide published, Nintendo Switch 2 Release Date Just Tipped in New Report–and it’s Earlier Than Expected.

Sprinkled in between next gen rumors were ones for (another) Nintendo Direct and when Metroid Prime 4 will release. Rumors can be juicy and fun, but they become very tiresome are rarely are true. Sometimes they are, but again, often they are not. Days like today are when I experience rumor fatigue.

As a reporter myself here on the Boss Rush Network, I try to steer clear reporting on rumors unless there are established sources (and by then, is it still a rumor?). Reporting on speculation or uncertain sources could lead to distrust of the reader, and I do feel I need to live up to a sense of integrity when reporting.

Does that mean I don’t read clickbate-y rumor-fueled articles? No. Does that mean reporting on rumors is bad press? Perhaps not the best kind, but not “bad” so long as you’re very clear what sources are used and draw false conclusions.

I’m curious as a reporter, how do you, the reader and consumer, feel about certain websites that frequently report on rumors? Does that impact where you choose to read your gaming news or determine their quality of reporting? Do you even care? Please share your thoughts with us on our Boss Rush Facebook Group or our Boss Rush Discord.

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