Boss Rush Banter: Will We Ever Get to Join the Resistance Again?

Back in college in mid to late 2000’s the third game I played on my PlayStation 3 was Resistance: Fall of Man. Developed by Insomniac and published by Sony Computer Entertainment this first-person alien shooter was addictive and had an interesting story. I ended up playing through this game multiple times because I enjoyed it so much. 

Over the years we have received a few more titles from this universe, including Resistance 2 for PS3 released in 2008, Resistance: Retribution for PSP in 2009, and the last game for PS3 in the series to date Resistance 3 in 2011. So, over a decade has passed since the game had released and I want to know if we will ever join a new resistance again?

First let us ask the question why haven’t we seen another game in the series? Well, the short and sweet answer is because of the title from Naughty Dog called The Last of Us. Simply put, Sony thought that the setting of a new Resistance game felt similar to that of The Last of Us and most likely didn’t want the titles to compete for sales numbers or cause any player fatigue in the series. Well maybe after this long hiatus we might see something new in the series.

The third game had ended with Earth’s temperatures retuning to more stable conditions.  The alien race, known as the Chimera, had built a tower that opened a wormhole causing chaos. Because of your heroic efforts you destroyed the tower and reverted the issues and thwarted the Chimera’s plan. With humans taking back the Earth the Chimera were forced to run. This leaves a good platform for the next generation of storytelling.

Could humans take revenge on the Chimera and send a team to wipe out the remaining pockets of the alien race? Perhaps the Chimera regroup and cause further issues to the planet and its inhabitants? What story could a new game tell and how could it be different to The Last of Us?  Did you play any of the games in the Resistance series? What was your favorite title? Let us know your thoughts on the topic.

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