Traveller: Small Craft Catalogue Expands the Workhorses of Traveller’s Interstellar Fleet

Traveller, one of the earliest tabletop roleplaying games, continues to see new material produced. The latest expansion focuses on small craft, vessels of less than 100 tons and without a jump drive, which are workhorses essential to the smooth functioning of every major civilization in Charted Space.

The Small Craft Catalogue introduces 60 new small craft, which can be used by Travellers, pirates, traders, governments, and corporations. Each one has a specific role, and is designed to accomplish it.

This expansion promises:

  • Modules: It is not just the Modular Cutter that can carry the 30-ton standard module, and there are many configurations that greatly expand the operational capacity of these crafts.
  • Commercial Craft: Whether they are hauling cargo or passengers, there is a variety of small craft linking the worlds of each star system, binding colonies and outposts together.
  • Working Craft: From the highport to the far reaches of the outsystem, these small craft keep the empires running, fixing, rescuing, mining, and performing a multitude of other tasks.
  • Fighters: The most famous of small craft, high performance fighters are at the forefront of any outbreak of hostilities, their pilots destined to become heroes – or to meet an untimely death in the void.
  • The Military: Between the fighter and the warship, there are many small craft that keep military forces in the field and capable of acting effectively, from armoured transports and recon craft to assault boats and system defence forces.
  • Luxury Craft: Owned by nobles and rich corporate executives, these small craft spare no expense at providing the comfiest rides – and making sure everyone else knows it.
  • Aslan, Sword Worlds, Vargr and Zhodani: Beyond the Third Imperium and its affiliated states, other empires can have very different takes on small craft design, but these vessels might just be the perfect in-system ride for a group of Travellers.

You can find Traveller: Small Craft Catalogue on DriveThruRPG.

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