Boss Rush Banter: The Legend of Zelda Film will be Irrevocably Corporate

The Legend of Zelda is a mythic, adventurous, often introspective series that marries human moments with swells of mythology and folklore. Capturing what makes the series special would require a carefully controlled style and tone, with a willingness to balance the mundane, the exceptional, and the genuinely mythic. When people name directors and studios who could handle it, it’s always the same names from a very short list. Studio Ghibli. Peter Jackson. Guillermo del Toro. Laika Studios.

All of those choices are, to varying degrees, outside of the Hollywood system. They create with their own voice. They create without being chained to the machine.

Sony’s The Legend of Zelda film is not merely chained to the machine, it comes from the machine’s heart: market-tested, produced by “safe” bets, a mass-produced movie without an identifiable artistic voice.

The Legend of Zelda film’s production team includes Avi Arad as producer, Wes Ball as director, and Darek Connolly as writer.

Avi Arad is a producer whose best movies come from directors with the clout and vision to push against him (the first two Spider-Man films; Blade II). His worst films are more numerous, and from directors too green or with insufficient clout to push against his ideas: Morbius, Ghost in the Shell (2017), Uncharted, Blade 3, and so on. He is, famously, the man who over-stuffed Spider-Man 3 with villains in the name of selling toys.

The director, Wes Ball only makes studio-mandated IP films. The Maze Runner films are his only completed, released projects (he also produced the third and worst-rated film). His only film in production between that and The Legend of Zelda is a Planet of the Apes sequel, continuing this version of the IP after the reboot’s director and stars have departed.

The film’s writer, Derek Connolly, is responsible for the Jurassic World sequels, the unproduced Colin Trevorrow Star Wars script (famous for lines like “He lost the star wars”), and contributed to Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. His two better films, Jurassic World and Kong: Skull Island, were primarily written by other members of a writing team.

There are many writers who could write a great film. There are many directors who could direct a great film. There are many producers who could enable those creators to make a great film. But this film is not made by them; this is a film made by the Hollywood machine, step by step.

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