The Network

This is The Boss Rush Podcast Network, an initiative to bring other podcasts and content creators together to network with friends, fans, and each other. It will always be a work in progress, but we at Boss Rush Games will strive to give any great creator a voice when they deserve to be heard. The Network creators range from video games to lore podcasts to history and pop culture shows. Below are the shows associated with The Boss Rush Podcast Network. Please enjoy and check out their individual pages here too.

The Boss Rush Network First Class

The following creators have been chosen as our inaugural group, or as we’re deeming it, the First Class. Check out these awesome creators!

Bad Bitchez Podcast – Your favorite Women’s Herstory class, if your teachers were slutty POS trailer trash from rural Wisconsin. We are bad….get used to it!

The Loser Podcast – The loser podcast is a weekly podcast that covers all the horrors of the video game world, from people to the settings themselves. New episodes every Saturday at 3pm EST.

Lore Together Podcast – Mystic and Sapphy are a husband-and-wife team who love knowing the background of the video game worlds they’ve explored over the years. In Lore Together, the two talk about what they’ve found out as they deep dived into some of their favorite fictional worlds.

WASD and Beyond Podcast – WASD and Beyond is hosted by three friends with the same love for video games and all-around nerd culture. Be sure to tune in every Friday at 4 PM for a new episode.

Galutrad – Nintendo streamer extraordinaire. Featured on Nintendo Pow Block.

The Boss Rush Network Second Class

EXPCast – Follow Stoy, Dan, Josh and Pat as they shoot the s*** about video games and other stuff.

Block’s Game Reviews – My main video series I aim to focus on is “Trash or Treasure” in which I explore lesser known titles to determine if they are worth adding to your collection or if you are better off avoiding them. I want to make sure games that people don’t normally talk about get coverage, because there can be a lot of fun to be had if you’re willing to dig around and play something that is not by the biggest publisher.

Yoloderr – They are the Yoloderrs but you can call them Kyle and Mandy, They are Variety Streamers who love playing Destiny 2, Overwatch and Phasmophobia!

Console Gaming Crew – A podcast made about gaming by three friends who love gaming. Check them out, follow, and listen. Thanks. Game On!!!

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