Gears Tactics First Impressions – Pod Clips

Corey and Jesse discuss their initial impressions of Gears Tactics, the new XCOM style game set in the Gears universe.

Gears Tactics is available on GamePass for PC, Steam, and coming soon to Xbox platforms.

Our Take

Gears Tactics is a fantastic take on the Gears formula, feeling like a very natural fit in the tactics genre. The mechanics and customization is almost overwhelming, giving players absolute control over the way they want to play. Playing it on PC has been an interesting way to play for me, since I am almost exclusively a console player (including games like XCOM and Halo Wars). This will be a must play when it hits Xbox later this year for me, but for now, I plan on continuing on PC to get a better feel on all of the tech trees, mechanics, and weapon attachments. If you love deep tactics games, this is definitely going to be on your short list.