News/Discussion – Retro Studios Hires a Monster VFX Team for Metroid Prime 4 – Pod Clips

“The Chozo’s faith in Samus has been well rewarded.”


Corey and Edward talk about the recent hirings at Retro Studios and discuss the ways Metroid Prime 4 can go based off of the talent there. This could be a bigger, bolder Metroid.

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Our Take

Metroid Prime influenced a lot of first person games after it’s release in 2003, including major franchises like Halo, Battlefield, and Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order.  Now, Retro is taking those influences and pumping them back into Nintendo’s beloved bounty hunter. What is Metroid Prime 4 going to be? Well, if it’s any indication by who they are hiring, Nintendo seems to be aiming at the likes of Master Chief, giving us a Halo type experience with the Metroid exploration twist. I am looking more and more forward to the return of Samus.