Boss Rush Backlog Challenge

Hello!! We have purchased a lot of games over the years and haven’t touch some of them. That’s all about to change.

Welcome to our 2021 Boss Rush Backlog Challenge. It’s a fun way to help you reduce your library of games while rewarding yourself, The rules and point system are as follow:


  1. All 2020 and previous years are eligible to receive Yoshi Coins.
  2. We are allowing Arcade and Collection games (like Super Mario 3D Collection) this year. To receive Yoshi Coins for the collection, every game must be completed on normal.
  3. All console, PC, VR, handhelds, mobile, and imports are welcome. This includes mini systems too.
  4. Any game (except collections) done on easy will receive 1 coin less than its original point. You will receive 1 coin still if the game is 50% done by the end of the year.
  5. Must post a picture showing you finished the game. If you want to show the trophy/achievement/100% completion, you can. Post it on your social media, our Boss Rush Facebook group, Discord, or our twitter @BossRushNetwork
  6. A game that is coming to a platform that was release in previous years will count for points.
  7. NO NEW 2021 RELEASES WILL COUNT. If it came out in June and you started and finished it in October, it does not count. This challenge is for previous years.

Point System

5 Yoshi Coins: Finish the game with 100% completion (this includes indies and collectors)

4 Yoshi Coins: Finish a First Party title (Published or developed. If they paid or published it, it counts)

3 Yoshi Coins: Finish a Third-Party Title

2 Yoshi Coins: Finish a Indie Game/Arcade Game (example: Double Dragon III)

1 Yoshi Coin: Finish a game on easy or 50% of the game completed at the end of the year (you’ll only get that point on the last day of Dec at 10pm).

This challenge is suppose to be fun and helpful. Let’s see how many Yoshi Coins you can get and keep a list of games that you completed.

If you have any questions, hit me up on Twitter @thatretrocode.

Have fun everyone!! YAAAAAAAAAAASSS Woohoo!!

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