PlayStation Releases Update That Includes Discord Functionality and More

Sony rolled out an update for the PlayStation 5 on March 8, including Discord functionality, an increased Variable Refresh Rate, and new social feature enhancements.

The most notable addition is that you can now join Discord Voice Chat on your console.

Previously you could tell your friends what you were playing. If you used that functionality, you’d need to grant new permissions to Discord to use the new features.

Along with Discord, PlayStation has brought other social enhancements. You can share a screen with your friend (and vice versa), and in party chats, you can join the game directly from the chat.

On the technical side, they enhanced how you filter your library, including a filter for the PS VR2 games that you have.

They’ve also changed how you can transfer data from a PS4 to a PS5. They notify you if a game you’re downloading has a saved file in your PlayStation cloud storage.

You now enjoy a smoother visual performance if you use a VRR-Compatible HDMI 2.1 display. You can see if your HDMI device is compatible in the settings.



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