Boss Rush Banter: Are Video Games Good For Mental Health?

Depression. Stress. Heartbrokenness. Sadness. These words describe a lot of mental states people go through on a daily basis. Some people come to terms with their struggles, while others deal with such negative feelings for years. Although therapy is a helpful space and safe place for people, not everybody can afford to go or has the time to see a therapist. There are people who try to cope or tell themselves their struggles aren’t a big deal, but others around them can see the effects of these issues. For gamers and non-gamers, it seems that video games are playing a part to ease and help with people’s difficult emotional states. Do games solve the problems? Not entirely, but they do help.

For some people, for example, job stress is a big factor in their mental health. Making sure things are intact, being yelled at on a consistent basis, dealing with children of different ages, and even pondering whether they’ll have that same job or position the next day are just some examples of job-related stress. A lot can affect your mind and body. Video games tend to take that dread away and provide some form of comfort and relief.

Yes, video games do take your focus away from important responsibilities, but if they provide that moment of happiness, that moment of accomplishment, and heal you in a way that you can’t express, they’re helping your mental state. No matter if you’re shooting enemies, taking a relaxing drive in an open-world title, working on crops or a home, or even having bonding time with the family trying to serve customers, video games tend to work wonders.

Even if some people think games aren’t for everyone, the industry has grown to a point that there are titles out for non-gamers that can help their mental state. Dancing, karaoke, driving, and even sports and fitness are just a few examples. These interactive games that get the body moving can help people’s unhappiness fall away for a while. Video games have done so much for people all around the world.

I believe that video games allow us to visit a fantasy world. If this can help us to cope with things and to relax and let off some steam, then other people can see the benefits of playing games. Video games bring a moment of joy, and when your mental health feels affected in a dark manner, it’s good to pick up a controller and enter a world that makes you feel awesome.

Have video games helped your mental health? What games do you think could help someone struggling! Let us know!

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