Games Done Quick Raises $1 Million In Record Time

On January 12, 2022, during the Rocket League Showcase, Games Done Quick raised over $1 million (USD), the fastest pace in the 12 years they have been doing the Awesome Games Done Quick event. This is an organization dedicated to raising money for charity through a twice yearly event featuring a video game speedrun marathon. They have collectively raised over $30 million dollars and continue to raise more even despite making the switch to a fully online format due to the COVID pandemic.

You can watch the moment they reached $1 million by checking out this archive of the showcase below. The exact moment occurs at 00:47:30.

Awesome Games Done Quick is set to end on January 15, so there is still time to break even more records! Currently, the most they have raised in a single event stands at $3,164,002 (USD) during Awesome Games Done Quick in 2020. If you can’t tune in for this event, Summer Games Done Quick is set to take place sometime in July.

If you would like to support the cause either through watching the event or donating, you can find all of the information by visiting their website.

Are you tuning into Awesome Games Done Quick this year? Let us know your favorite moments from the event by leaving a comment or starting a conversation in our Discord!

Source: Games Done Quick

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