New Triangle Strategy Demo Available Now

The hype is building as we get closer to the release of the newest tactical RPG for the Nintendo Switch. Soon with Triangle Strategy we will be able to alter the course of a prince who poses as a threat to a rival kingdom, the lord of a nearby demesne, and so many others. Do you like high definition 2-D graphics, options that determine the outcome of critical situations in the story, and orchestral music? Well, if so, you’re not the only one!

With the announcement of a new demo available today (2/9/22), which was a pleasant surprise, we’ll get to experience even more of this wonderful adventure—to the end of Chapter 3, to be exact. Plus, all of the save data will be transferable from the demo to the full release; which will be helpful because doing the same thing over and over again can get tedious and annoying.

So while we’re waiting for the full release (March 4, 2022), why not dive deeper into this adventure?

What are your thoughts on the new demo? What do you like or not like about it, or even the game in its entirety? Head on over to Boss Rush Network’s Facebook and Discord pages and let’s talk about it!

You can also use the Qr code below to join the Boss Rush Network Discord server:

Source: Nintendo

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