Steam Deck Updates: No More Reservations Required (for now), Docking Station is Finally Available

Since the announcement of Valve’s Steam Deck, interested buyers have been required to reserve a spot in line. After placing a $5 deposit, folks would wait months just to order a Steam Deck. This less-than-exciting process was necessary given global supply chain issues, and the notorious microchip shortage.

However, all that changed in a recent YouTube video where Valve announced that the Steam Deck is available for purchase with no reservation! The process of becoming a Steam Deck owner just got a lot easier. Additionally, anyone who has been waiting on their turn to order can rest assured that their email is en route. While this is fantastic news, Valve included a note in their update which states that they may utilize the reservation system again in the future should they fall behind on demand. Either way, this bodes very well for those who are ready to take their Steam library on the go.

First-person perspective of someone playing Elden Ring in a hammock on Steam Deck
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Valve also addressed another concern that’s been left unmentioned since Steam Deck’s announcement: the console’s official Docking Station. While the Steam Deck is championed as a handheld gaming powerhouse, it’s also a device which can interface with controllers, keyboards, mice, monitors, and other peripherals that enable a home entertainment experience.

As a matter of fact, Steam Deck’s Docking Station has been on the device’s marketing page since day one. In spite of this, there’s been no way to order, preorder, or even reserve a spot in line for the Docking Station. While third-party hardware manufacturers have been hard at work to fill this void, most Steam Deck owners have been using temporary USB-C hubs while waiting for Valve to say anything at all about the Docking Station. Finally, their patience has paid off! The Steam Deck Docking Station is now available for order. Coming in at a somewhat-high price of $89, the Docking Station is packed with ports.

  • 3x USB-A 3.1 Gen1 ports
  • 1x DisplayPort 1.4
  • 1x HDMI 2.0 ports
  • 1x Gigabit Ethernet port, and,
  • 1x USB-C power-in port
A guitar, mixing board, speakers, controllers, a web cam, headphones, a joystick, keyboard, 3D printer, mouse, Steam Deck, and Docking Station
Image Source: Steam Deck Docking Station

According to Valve, the Steam Deck’s software enhancements for the Docking Station make the console quite compatible with other hubs as well. Valve has gone as far as to say that Steam Deck owners are encouraged to use their favorite third-party USB-C hubs–a great option for buyers who find this dock to be far too expensive and complex for their needs. It’s extremely rare that a tech company — especially in gaming — would go as far as to encourage the use of third-party competitors to a peripheral they just made available. This speaks volumes about Valve’s confidence in the Steam Deck’s software, as well as their willingness to put their customers first.

Valve’s communication around the Steam Deck has been a breath of fresh air when compared to how other gaming companies handle news regarding their hardware. In other cases, customers are simply not advised as to when certain hard-to-buy devices may become available for purchase again. Typically, potential buyers are left to frantically refresh a product’s purchase page when hints of availability permeate through the internet.

As Valve continues to make the Steam Deck an exciting option for their players, are you warming up to the idea of buying one? Does the immediate availability of the Steam Deck and its Docking Station put you in close proximity of that “add to cart” button? Let us know in the Boss Rush Discord and Facebook Group!

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