Boss Rush Banter: What’s the Best Genre in Gaming?

So many of us love video games because they give us a sense of escape. Never before has that been more clear than the hellish year that 2020 was for people around the globe. During what was a year like no other, the video game industry exploded. While the Big 3 all did very well, Nintendo particularly thrived during the pandemic, selling the Switch at a record pace, and dominating sales with Animal Crossing: New Horizons, which sold nearly 30 million copies. While simulation games like Animal Crossing do provide a means for connection, control, and escape from the stress of day to day life, some gamers prefer a different kind of escape.

In spite of the bad reputation they get within the media, first person shooters are immensely popular and a preferred mode of escape for a lot of players. The strategy and competition found in facing other human beings is a challenge like none other. Even in non-multiplayer formats, first person shooters invite gamers to find multiple means of survival, sometimes outsmarting the enemy while in other cases, charging in with guns-a-blazing.

However, for some gamers the fast paced action of first person shooters just simply isn’t for them. Instead the deep story immersion of Role Playing Games or Action / Adventure titles creates the separation from the world that they need. As graphics and equipment have advanced, so too has the capacity for telling truly great stories.

The beauty of video games today is that there are simply so many genres to choose from: platformers, lifestyle, sports, fighting, visual novels, puzzle games, survival horror, and more round out a very wide range of experiences available to would-be escapists. We thought we’d ask you what you think: what is the best genre in gaming?

Perhaps the only right answer to that question is this: the genre you are currently enjoying.

Tell us what you think! What is the best genre in gaming? Why do you feel that way? Share your reactions in the comments below.

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