HSMTMTS Review: “Second Chances”

Wildcats, welcome to season two finale of High School Musical The Musical The Series; this has been such a rollercoaster of a season, but we have finally reached the end. HSMTMTS will return to Boss Rush in September when we share an editorial titled “Thank You, East High” where we will look back at the entire season, and rank the original songs that this season featured. Thank you to everyone who read our weekly reviews, you have made this the number one weekly Boss Rush Entertainment series; the curtain is up, and it is time to finish this season! Instead of breaking down individual storylines, this week we will keep everyone together, and close the curtain on season two of HSMTMTS


East High has finished their opening night performance of Beauty and the Beast, and after the show, everyone takes little detours on their way to Slice (the pizza shop where the cast is meeting for an after-party). Ashlyn takes her detour to find her boyfriend Big Red, who has made a giant billboard marquee with Ashlyn’s name in lights. 

I always see your name in lights

Big Red

Gina is devastated after EJ cancels their date after Jamie (Gina’s brother) told EJ that he was really happy Gina found a “big brother” at East High. Gina has a big talk with Nini where she confesses that she has never felt this way about a guy before, and that she thought this one would go differently than all the other guys she’s had a crush on before. Nini gives Gina advice that she should just tell EJ how she feels and hope that the universe has a plan for the two of them. Gina finds EJ at the end of the afterparty, and calls out “EJ will you be my first kiss”? EJ and Gina run at each other to embrace it, where Gina finally has her first kiss. 

There are plenty of small moments that happen in this episode such as Mr. Mazzarra finally asks out Ms. Jenn, Lily and Rickie finally get together, and Kortney finally forgives Howie for being distant. Throughout all those moments there is one that I really want to draw attention to, and that is the final original song performed this season called Second Chances.

Season two of HSMTMTS has been all about the lesson that everyone deserves a second chance. I think back to how even though the tone was different in season one compared to season two, but this season still has a lot of big lessons throughout it. Gina has been a huge character to learn from this year, as she battled mental health, she overcame her own struggles to push forward to find her true self, and she finally put herself out there for someone who truly deserved her. My big takeaway from this particular episode is that at the end of the day, we as humans accomplish nothing if we waste our time fighting amongst each other — we have to find the things we have in common and celebrate them. It’s simple, yet think back to the end of the original High School Musical movie it ended with a simple message “we’re all in this together”. HSMTMTS might be cheesy, it might struggle with writing in places, but overall it’s a great reminder of how we need each other to make our lives better. 

Thank you for reading this review of High School Musical The Musical The Series, we’ll see you next year for season three. I want to end this review with the song that kicked this season off and let’s raise a toast to the theatre kids because We’re all in this together.

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