HSMTMTS Review: “The Transformation”

Wildcats welcome to another weekly review of High School Musical: The Musical: The Series. Season 2 of HSMTMTS is rapidly coming to a closer (we only have 2 episodes left), and before we dive into this week’s episode, I want to say thank you for all the support you have given this review series. In a little under a year, Boss Rush Games has changed from a website dedicated to video games to a network that talks about gaming, sports, wrestling, and even High School Musical; none of this is possible without the tremendous support you all have shown us at Boss Rush! This week’s episode of HSMTMTS doesn’t have a ton of big drama, but we are going to check in on Gina and EJ; plus we will talk about the drama between Seb and Carlos. 

Gina & EJ

In the last few weeks, we have seen the beginnings of a beautiful new relationship at East High, as Gina and EJ keep inching closer to becoming a couple. This week, Gina and EJ are in an awkward position: EJ isn’t sure if they are dating and doesn’t want to put himself out there only to get hurt. Gina on the other hand feels like she continues to put herself out there for guys who never reciprocate her feelings. Gina has a talk during a girls night event where she tells Ashlynn (EJ’s cousin) that she is so tired of getting hurt and that she wants her moment to be with someone who truly values her. EJ gets a little bit of help from Big Red and Ricky where they tell him that he has grown to become such a great guy, and if he wants Gina, he needs to show her how much she means to him. EJ finally asks Gina out, and they are officially shipped. 

I love that this season has been a lesson in yin and yang; on one side, we have seen Disney draw out the inevitable break up of Ricky and Nini, but on the other hand, the writers took their time to build a meaningful relationship with Gina and EJ. EJ spent all last season trying to beat Ricky in both the relationship world and theater world; this season his character arc ended with him growing into this awesome guy who finally sees his own worth–just incredible.

If you have ever read any of these HSMTMTS reviews, you know that I have a soft spot for Gina. When I look at Gina, I see a character who embodies the art of learning. In life, you can think that you know how everything is supposed to go but when something doesn’t go your way it can throw you; Gina has learned this season how to embrace the change and make the most for herself and her life. 

Seb & Carlos

One big thing that we haven’t talked about so far in our weekly reviews is the tension that has been building between Seb and Carlos. Last week during the episode “Spring Break,” we saw Seb visibly frustrated that Carlos spent all of his break at a five-star resort. Seb and Carlos come from two completely different backgrounds; Seb was raised on a farm and loves working with his hands, and Carlos was raised by a wealthy family. Carlos confesses to Ricky that he isn’t comfortable talking about his feelings with Seb. Ricky suggests (in traditional musical form) that Carlos write a song to share how he feels. 

I love this storyline for Seb and Carlos. This is an episode in which we aren’t focused on Ricky and Nini, yet this feels like an organic change of pace. In Season 1 of HSMTMTS, we fell in love with Seb and Carlos at homecoming when Seb surprised Carlos as his surprise date. This episode does a great job of showcasing all the talent that this cast has by showing them in ways that we don’t normally get to see. 

What did you think of this week’s episode of HSMTMTS? Comment below, and we will feature it next week in our review!

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