The Nintendo Touch

Nintendo announced the Nintendo Switch OLED, and gamers have varied opinions about it. Like any game or hardware, there’s bound to be celebration and upset; however, something about a Nintendo reveal tends to hit differently. You watch it unfold, form a opinion until more information is learned, and then take into account other opinions about the subject. By the time the product has released, you’ve already made your decision.

Or have you?

Nintendo Switch OLED Model Joy-Con are not changed or improved

See, Nintendo knows how to grab hold of your curiosity with their products. They know how their sale prices, consistent discussion, and successful business reports can possibly make you swipe that card, connect your phone, pay cash, or order online. If it’s coming from you or your bank account, you know they got you.

Why? Yes, Nintendo caters to many, but the truth is, if a product of theirs sells out, and you develop an itch to try it, you’ll have to dig deeper into your pockets–you may not even be able to play with that hardware or a game for years or a decade. Your curiosity could potentially build simply because Nintendo appears on multiple lists, opinion pieces, podcasts, and even retro game shows, if you happen to attend one.

Nintendo Pow Block Podcast – Boss Rush Network

That “Nintendo Touch” can be a blessing or curse to that individual. It is a blessing in that you end up owning the merchandise and enjoying the experience first hand; however, it could be destructive because you may also feel tricked out your money. The feeling could fester until you develop harsh opinions about it, and you could end up dismissing Nintendo entirely–spewing toxicity about anything they do going forward. This could end up damaging your character and reputation to others because of your negativity.

Despite all this, you still may end up convinced to shell out money to acquire something from them–all thanks to that “Nintendo Touch”. It’s the fuel you need to prove a point. In all honesty, Nintendo actually proved their point because if they managed to get a sale out of you, you have been “Touched”. If you don’t believe me, let’s see what happens when Nintendo releases an amiibo for a game you claim you’ll never touch but probably invest in because you love how it looks. The “Nintendo Touch” has worked.

Capcom announces 3 new amiibo for Monster Hunter Rise

In conclusion, to those who say they don’t need a Switch OLED, that’s fine. The “Nintendo Touch” happens for various products. At some point, possibly, you’ll walk through a Target or Costco, and the Switch OLED will just be in that kiosk looking at you. You’ll ponder about purchasing it, and once you shrug your shoulders and look for the employee in electronics, that magic has already worked its way into you.

Also, you’ll tell us on social media with pictures. That’s the magical work of the “Nintendo Touch”.

Have you been affected by the “Nintendo Touch”? In what way? Let us know in the comments or on our Discord.

Eddie V. is a co-founder of Boss Rush Games who writes, podcasts, and loves video game trivia. You can find him on Twitter with @thatretrocode.

Images: Nintendo, Capcom

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