Boss Rush Bucket List Week 9: Tell Me a Story

Welcome to week nine of the Boss Rush Bucket List! The writing staff at Boss Rush has curated a list of the top 50 games released since 2014 that are a must-play. Five games surrounding a genre or theme will be featured every Friday at 10a.m. until September 3rd. The fifth game of each article will count down the top ten, so stick with us to find out which title is our number one recommended game!

Neo Cab

By: Celeste/Steph

Developer: Chance Agency. Publisher: Fellow Traveler

Release Date: 05/10/2019. Platform(s): Nintendo Switch, PC/Mac

Imagine the driver-for-hire gig economy being replaced with automated vehicles. Would you prefer a robot or a human for a chauffeur? Play as Lina, one of the last human drivers in a city painted in neon and serenaded by synthwave, as she tries to reconnect with an old friend. You choose your passengers and decide how you want to progress your interactions, but keep in mind you need to maintain a high driver rating and good mental health. 

Snack Pairing: This game is perfect to play at night since it takes place at night. The neon lights, the chill music, the intrigue… Whip up your favorite cocktail or grab a bottle or can of your favorite libation. I enjoy amaretto sours and sweet drinks, and I can enjoy them without fear of getting behind the wheel (we’ll let the game take us around).

One Night Stand

By: Celeste/Steph

Developer: Kinmoku, Ratalaika Games. Publisher:  Kinmoku, Ratalaika Games

Release Date: 10/20/2016. Platform(s): Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC/Mac

Assuming the first-person perspective of a man who has woken up in a stranger’s bed, your goal is to figure out who your one-night lover is and how you ended up together. You can interact with several items in her bedroom to find clues and talking points to bring up to your bedfellow. This is another title in which players can unlock multiple endings (some are outright hilarious!).

Snack Pairing: This is another game with multiple possible endings, and one play through can last less than 20 minutes. The suspense is high, though, so I recommend something you can easily grab and much on without thinking, like some Skittles, M&Ms, or chips.

We Should Talk

By: Celeste/Steph

Developer: Insatiable Cycle. Publisher: Whitethorn Digital

Release Date: 05/10/2019. Platform(s): Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC/Mac

In this unique and thought-provoking short-form narrative game, the player uses a scroll wheel to choose conversation topics and responses, which affect the characters’ relationships. Players can complete the game in 20 minutes or less, but multiple replays are encouraged to discover the multiple endings. If you enjoy exploring the nuances of communication, pick up this gem.

Snack Pairing: This game is short and can be replayed several times for different outcomes. I’d recommend popping some delicious kettle corn or your favorite popcorn and grabbing some water or your favorite cold beverage for a quick snack.


By: Stoy

Developer: Nomada Studio. Publisher: Devolver Digital

Release Date: 12/13/2018. Platform(s): PC, Mac, Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, iOS, Android

Gris in Three Words: Melancholy Platforming Beauty

Few words can describe the emotions that a game like Gris evokes. Meaning “gray” in Spanish, Gris is a no-fail platforming game that stars a woman named Gris who has lost her voice, and seemingly her will. She moves through a world of gray, running and jumping over obstacles and barriers in her path as she tries to restore color to her world. The game has underlying tones of trauma, depression and sadness, and trying to recover from it all. Graphically, it is minimalist in nature, with a pencil-to-paper art style and storybook-like animation. As you progress through the game and restore color back into the world, one color at a time, the level design seems to become more beautiful and alluring. Ancient towers and buildings grow to life, gardens grow, even wildlife begins to sprout back to life. Gris encounters many puzzle challenges, and even some enemies block her path, but her determination and will she is fighting to reclaim will see her through. 

The music, for me, stands out the most in this game. The sound design is very minimal, so the haunting, yet beautiful and melancholic piano music dominates your experience throughout the game. Conducted by international music artist Berlinist, it is a fitting soundtrack to an already great game. You don’t just play Gris, you experience it with her as she fights her way out. 

Beer pairing: A somber game requires a somber beer, and a Bourbon Barrel Aged Stout would be the ticket. The creaminess of a stout, and the subdued bite of bourbon, it’s a fitting beer to kick back, relax and intertwine yourself in Gris.

Boss Rush Bucket List Top 10: #3 Coffee Talk

By: Eddie V

Developer: Toge Productions. Publisher: Toge Productions, Chorus Worldwide

Release Date: 01/28/2020. Platform(s): Nintendo Switch, Mac/PC, Xbox One, PS4

We all have opinions about games and how they affect us altogether. We also hold some spectacular titles to a higher standard. What surprises us about games is when we think something isn’t for us, and then it completely engulfs us. It becomes hard to stop thinking, discussing, or even moving on from it. That is how I felt about Coffee Talk.

Coffee Talk is a visual novel where you simply listen to various characters’ problems, observe what advice is given to them, and make their requested coffee just right. It’s not only therapeutic for these fictional characters but also for the players who are going through similar issues. With a lo-fi soundtrack blending beautifully with the discussions and atmosphere, Coffee Talk is a game that needs to be experienced. It’s a game to reflect on, laugh with, and take away some life lessons. 

Yes, it contains a lot of dialogue, but real life coffee talk does the same thing (with added discussion or unnecessary advice). As one of the hosts of Boss Rush’s Talk The Walk series, I never knew how involved I would get into this game and discussing this with others makes this game worth the playthrough it deserves. 

Oh,one last thing. You also have to make coffee. Can’t have these talks without that.

Snack Pairing: Biscoff cookies. The smooth, buttery taste pairs perfectly with tea or coffee.

This wraps up week nine of the Boss Rush Bucket List!

Honorable Mentions

Next Friday, 9/3, is our final Boss Rush Bucket List article, and of course, we wrap it up with action/adventure, part III. That includes our teams #1 recommended game since 2014!

You also reference the entire Boss Rush Bucket list schedule here.

Remember, there are hundreds of amazing games that have been released since 2014, and this is just our personal, curated recommendations. If you see a game that is not listed, we would love to hear from you. Please share your thoughts on these nominated games on our friendly Discord channel!

This week’s contributors: Stoy, Celeste, Steph, Eddie V.

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