Boss Rush Bucket List: 50 Must-Play Games Starts Friday 7/2/21

This summer, Boss Rush Network will list 50 games you must play before you kick the bucket!

1001 Video Games You Must Play Before You Die is a book that highlights the best games between 1970 and 2013, and it inspired the writing team here at Boss Rush to continue this idea and honor some of the best titles in gaming history that have been released in 2014 to present day. Twelve writers collaborated on the selection and description of these titles, ensuring quality picks and a diverse selection.

The Boss Rush Bucket list is a 10-part series, released every Friday at 10 a.m. from 7/2/2021 to 9/3/2021. Each article will feature five games surrounding a genre or theme–the fifth game will count down the top ten, so stick with us to find out which title is our number one recommended game! Honorable mentions will be included as well.

Official Boss Rush Bucket List schedule:

July 2nd Action/Adventure, Part I

July 9th Relaxing and Retro Special

July 16th Horror

July 23rd FPS and Beat-em-ups

July 30th Role-Playing Games, Part I

August 6th Action/Adventure, Part II

August 13th Up Your A-Game

August 20th Role-Playing Games, Part II

August 27th Tell Me a Story

September 3rd Action/Adventure, Part III

A special thank you to: David, LaMont, LaRon, Eddie, Block, Stoy, Jack, Charlie, Dan, Logan, and Celeste!

What games are you predicting to make this list? What would your recommendations be? Come join the conversation on the Boss Rush Discord Channel.

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