Dead Space Remake Gets A Limited Run Collector’s Edition

Hot off the heels of the Dead Space official gameplay trailer that dropped recently, Limited Run Games coincided the release with news of a Collector’s Edition that’s available for preorder now, as of this writing, on their website!

Dead Space puts you in the boots of Isaac Clarke, an engineer tasked with the job of booting up the USG Ishimura, a derelict mining starship that went dark some time ago. What Isaac and his team find upon docking with the ship is beyond anything they have ever experienced before; terrifying and grotesque monsters that have been dubbed “Necromorphs.”

The Collector’s Edition will be distributed by Limited Run Games on behalf of publisher EA, and will run about $275 USD. The Collector’s Edition includes:

  • Physical Copy of Dead Space (Xbox Series X, PS5)
  • Dead Space Collector’s Edition Box
  • Isaac Helmet (full size, wearable helmet with lights)
  • Dead Space CD Soundtrack
  • Lithograph Print
  • Foil Stamped Lithograph Folio
  • Four Mini Posters
  • Ishimura Patch
  • Marker Enamel Pin
  • Metal 4″ Marker Statue
  • Dead Space SteelBook

For those familiar with Limited Run’s distribution methods, if you preorder this today you won’t have it shipped to you when the game releases, which is January 27th, 2023, as it is currently in production at the time of this writing. Release windows can vary, so it may take a few months to arrive at your door, and there are only a few available so jump on this while you can!

Does this Collector’s Edition entice you? Whether it does or doesn’t let us know in the comments, or head over to our Discord server at the link here, or use the QR code at the bottom of the page and be sure to post a picture of yourself wearing the helmet!

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