Vikings Actor Travis Fimmel Joins HBO Max Prequel Series Dune: The Sisterhood

Travis Fimmel is the newest addition to the prequel series Dune: The Sisterhood, marking the seventh addition to the cast in the past month.

The HBO Max series is set 10,000 years prior to Dune (2021), which won six Academy Awards centered on its production and score. This show will draw inspiration from the book Sisterhood of Dune by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson.

At this time, there is no official release date or major plot details. The series did begin filming recently.

Fimmel, who played Ragnar Lothbrok in the show Vikings, will play Desmond Hart. Legendary Entertainment, the production company behind the show, describes him as “a charismatic soldier with an enigmatic past, who seeks to gain the Emperor’s trust at the expense of the Sisterhood.”

Dune: The Sisterhood centers on the Harkonnen sisters Valya and Tula, which Emily Watson and Shirley Henderson will play respectively, and their quest to fight against threats to the future of the human race. The sisters will also establish the sect known as the Bene Gesserit.

Fimmel’s casting marks the first male to officially join the cast. Legendary Entertainment announced the addition of five cast members in late October, all of whom are females.

Those cast members included Sarah-Socie Boussnina as Princess Ynez; Shalom Brune-Franklin as Mikaela; Faoileann Cunningham as Sister Jen; Aoife Hinds as Sister Emeline; and Chloe Lea as Lila.  

From left to right: Sarah-Sofie Boussnina, Shalom Brune Franklin, Faoileann Cunningham, Aoife Hinds and Chloe Lea. (Image Credit: Deadline)

In mid October, Legendary Entertainment announced Indira Varma, who played Tala Durith in Obi-Wan Kenobi, would play Empress Natalya. Watson and Henderson officially joined the cast in early October.

Dune takes place in the distant future and follows Paul Atreides (Timothée Chalamet) as he and his noble family delve into war over the desert planet of Arrakis.

Dune is the second adaptation of the famed 1965 science-fiction novel of the same name. The first adaptation hit theaters in 1984 with fans and critics not receiving it well.

The 2021 adaptation, which is the first entry in the two-part series, received a better reception than its predecessor. It hit theaters and HBO Max on the same day and grossed $400 million worldwide.

A sequel is in production and slated for late 2023 with Denis Villenueve returning to direct and co-write the screenplay with Jon Spaihts.

A screenshot from Dune. (Image credit: Legendary Entertainment via Indie Wire)

Seeing the cast of Dune: The Sisterhood get filled out is exciting. This shows the franchise may be here to stay, which is always welcome given how much Marvel, Disney, and DC appear to have a monopoly on the movie coming out these days.

What’s most interesting is how quickly these projects are moving with the sequel moving hitting next year. It leads fans to wonder what more could be on the way.

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Source: Variety (via IGN); Legendary Entertainment (via Deadline)

Featured Image: The History Channel (via TV Guide)

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