Second Official Appearance of Genshin Impact’s Yaoyao: A 4-Star Dendro Character

Genshin Impact released a trailer of its gameplay in The Game Awards 2022, showcasing the all-new Wanderer alongside other characters to promote the new 3.3 patch of the game. However, this trailer came with its own surprise: Yaoyao! 

Yaoyao first officially appeared on October 1, 2020 in art posted by the Japanese account of Genshin Impact for the Mid-Autumn Festival. However, players had known about her before that because she was one the earliest characters leaked from the first closed beta datamine; she is the last character of this datamine yet to be released as a playable character. 

Alongside this appearance, multiple characters also have voice lines about Yaoyao which have been collected in a single video by Shakom. Players learned that she was Xiangling’s junior disciple as they were both learning under the same master chef but had since been put into Ganyu’s care. It’s also mentioned that she often sneaks onto The Crux and has a habit of giving Beidou puppy eyes whenever the ship must leave Liyue Harbor. 

Yaoyao has been a character players have long awaited to see released, especially with the release of Sumeru and the dendro element making it possible to have a new 4-star dendro character. With the appearance of Yaoyao in The Game Awards 2022 trailer and more of Yaoyao’s character information in the game, it’s very likely players will see Yaoyao on a banner soon in the game! 

Image Source: The Game Awards 2022

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