Boss Rush Banter: What Were the Best Three Games You Ever Rented?

It’s the 90s–you’re just getting out of school on a Friday afternoon, and you’re excited to get ready for an awesome weekend of relaxing and gaming! Before you hit the nearest Pizza Hut, you stop at your local Blockbuster to pick up some movies and games. Sometimes the shelves were loaded with N64, and PlayStation 1 and 2 games which made for a great time! I did this quite frequently growing up and had a blast, especially when my best friend who worked there at the time would always keep the good stuff aside for me. What were your top three rental games from the 90s?

Here were three of the best games that I chance to pick up and have an amazing time:

#1 Super Mario RPG: Legends of the Seven Stars

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The time of the Super Nintendo was sunsetting. I enjoyed my Nintendo 64, and I wanted more games to play with besides Super Mario 64. I stumbled upon a Mario game I never heard of: Super Mario…RPG? What is this strange concept? I had to try it out. Bringing in elements of turn based combat, memorable characters along with epic story involving the Mario IP was more than a magical experience. I already knew I would enjoy this, but I had no idea I would be hooked on this game. We still need Super Mario RPG for the Nintendo Switch Online service, Nintendo!

#2 Diddy Kong Racing

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I love the Donkey Kong franchise so much, in fact, that I’m in the camp of people who actually enjoyed Donkey Kong 64. It was amazing to discover that Diddy Kong stared in his own Mario Kart-esque racing game which featured wacky and iconic characters like Banjo Kazooie and Conker. It also had the added bonus of allowing alternative means of racing, like flying through the skies and sailing through the seas to make the finish line!

#3 Kingdom Hearts

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I remember reading about a mysterious collab between Square Enix and Disney that was brought up during a chance meeting in an elevator somewhere. My first thought was that this sounded weird. After seeing a trailer and renting the game out from Blockbuster, I was hooked, and I do mean, hooked! Cloud Strife crossing gigantic swords with a spiky haired kid named Sora who teams up with Goofy and Donald? What’s not to love? This was the game that started a huge fandom phenomenon across the globe. With its amazing all-star voice cast, excellent action RPG elements and a massive but convoluted story, I fell in love with Kingdom Hearts!

Those were just some of the top games I rented. Tell us: have you rented games in the past? If so, what were those games? Also, do you miss the days of Blockbuster and other similar places? I sure do! Let us know down at the comments below and come hang with us at our Boss Rush Discord and Facebook Chats where we discuss all things gaming.

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