Boss Rush Banter: Is Garten of Banban a Cash Grab or Rage Bait?

Playthroughs and the rise of gamers on YouTube has fed into a unique video game category which reviewers might have previously buried: Rage Baits. These games are specifically designed to incite strong emotions and be almost impossible to defeat. Many of these have a single path with limited narrative, if any, such as Only Up and Jump King.

Garten of Banban is an indie mascot horror game series, yet despite a heavily negative response, viewers push for content creators like JackSepticEye and Markiplier to play each new game in the series. The strong emotional response puts it squarely in the rage bait space; however, this series has a stronger underlying narrative than is common in those sorts of games.

JackSepticEye’s Playthrough Garten Of Banban III (Image Credit: JackSepticEye)

The original Garten of Banban was released for free and was significantly shorter than the later sequels. The merchandise link attached as well as the monetization of the later sequels has some arguing this isn’t a unique rage bait in a horror skin but a poorly done cash grab that succeeded by failing for the same reasons Rebecca Black’s “Friday” went viral.

Euphoric Brothers Logo (Image Credit: Euphoric Brothers)

Similar to the viral song, Euphoric Brothers (the developers of Garten of Banban) have received backlash, but are they next level rage baiting? Or was this all just a poorly constructed cash grab?

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Featured Image: Euphoric Brothers

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