Top 5 Profound Dimension 20 Player Quotes

Earlier this month, we picked our favorite Brennan Lee Mulligan quotes, but the Dimension 20 dungeon master isn’t the only one in the dome with a talent for turn of phrase. It would be easy to make a list for each player, but we’ve done the hard work of picking only the top five most profound player quotes.

5) “I know more about death than most and I think that it is both the simplest and most complicated thing there is in this world. And I think it constantly, it contradicts itself. Its meaning is very elusive and also very concrete.” – Zac Oyama (A Crown of Candy – Dimension 20)

Cumulus Rocks character art by Samir Barrett (Image Credit: Dimension 20)

Known for his one-liners, Zac is quick with a turn of phrase, but in what might just be the most emotionally scarring season of Dimension 20, Zac played Chancellor Lapin Cadbury, a role with such strategic strength that Brennan wasn’t even shy about needing to ensure the chocolate bunny died. When he returned as Cumulus Rocks, the cotton candy monk speaks of the complexity of death as the players grieved the losses they had suffered, but his words went beyond the game and beyond the dome.

4) “It’s not like, ‘I can change you’ it’s like ‘I can support you as you change yourself’ which is actually a little bit more beautiful.” – Ally Beardsley (Starstruck Odyssey – Dimension 20)

Wanting to change someone can be an incredibly fruitless and punishing endeavor, but being willing to support someone as they change speaks of a patience and kindness. Ally often embodies chaos. Their skill for rolling Nat 20s right when they’re most needed, or when Brennan as agreed to an outlandish deal, has created some legendary moments, but whatever character they play, Ally forges interpersonal connection, tightening bonds among the players and often wooing romantic interests, but in Starstruck Odyssey, Ally proclaimed this the sensible Beardsley season. Ally’s character Margaret Encino takes a ragtag team and turns it profitable in a slightly desperate clap back at Encino’s long-time crush, but after a decisive victory leaves that same crush’s life in ruins, Ally offers this incredibly poignant quote.

3) “It is a deep and unsettling dread when you realize that you can, by taking charge, cause harm. It is an even deeper dread when you realize that in taking charge, you will cause harm. You will not make every perfect choice, and the fear that you will make some choice that does some wrong within the world is exactly what your enemies are hoping will stop you.” – Siobhan Thompson (Neverafter – Dimension 20)

Princess Rosamund character art by Giuseppe Lama (Image Credit: Dimension 20)

In a season of body horror, the existential dread and emotional turmoil never stopped coming. Most were definitely game specific, but when Siobhan Thompson speaks of leadership, her words are one that, frankly, it would be nice if some of those tentative to take leadership positions would consider. Those who want power and don’t care about the harm are the ones who should not have it.

2) “When you only pay attention to your own failures, of course you’re going to put everyone else on a pedestal. You won’t notice that we’re all fucking up too.” – Rekha Shankar (Escape the Bloodkeep – Dimension 20)

Rekha may not be an Intrepid Hero, and this may have been her first dive into the world of table top RPGs; however, she stole the show as Maggie, the barbarian tiefling daughter of Gogmoth, the original god of evil and ex-girlfriend of Zaul’Nazh, Lord of Shadows. Caught in the shadow of two famous men, her desperation to prove herself struck deep. Though her cutting remarks and her favored position kept Maggie separated from the other player characters in the beginning, the found family feel took over, leading to this wonderful quote that resonates far beyond the boundaries of the dome.

1) “Now I’m going to tell you that eagles, when they grip onto somethin’, they actually have to flex a muscle to un-grip. So an eagle can hold onto something so hard that even after it dies, it never lets go. But you are not an eagle. You need to let go of whatever this is. It’s not about what happened when you were 10 years old. It’s not about what happened when you were 18 years old, 17. All the other ages as well, it’s not about them. It’s about what happens when you’re the next age. The next second, the next minute, the next year. Let go. Let go of those eagle talons.” – Hank Green (Mentopolis – Dimension 20)

The Fix character art by Allison Cooper (Image Credit: Dimension 20)

As The Fix, Hank Green has shared a number of facts, intimidating without even trying. From the ratio of snakes to snake dicks to this poignant bit of advice shared with Conrad Schintz, Hank made his mark in the Hall of Dimension 20 quotes.

Not that anyone was surprised. Hank has a talent for taking facts and turning them into advice. His work on Eons and SciShow is truly exceptional.

With so much going on in the world, it is nice to have this eagle-themed reminder that sometimes we need to allow ourselves to heal, to move on, and to explore the future unencumbered.

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Featured Image: Dimension 20

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