Boss Rush Banter: Which Video Game Character Would You Most Like to Meet?

Many video game characters have experienced extraordinary adventures. Many have skills and abilities that have led them to defeat foes and achieve their goals. Many have charisma and charm that get them into, and then out of, trouble. But there is only one who has all of those features while being an everyday man: Nathan Drake, the protagonist from Uncharted.

Imagine sitting at a bar having a drink when you hear a stranger speaking of how he uncovered the lost city of El Dorado. If it were me, I would decide to humor him, asking for further details. Stories of using the lost diary of Sir Francis Drake, his ancient relative, that jump-started the journey to the Amazon. Details of a lost German U-boat, being pursued by pirates, and surviving a plane being shot down from the sky would engage anyone, true or not. Doubt might creep in when the possessed descendants of the people who worshiped the treasure of El Dorado, but I would stick around, because this is true entertainment!

The second round of drinks would be served and so would the next serving of incredible tales, like finding another lost city: Shambhala. This excursion would begin after being betrayed by a partner while investigating Marco Polo. Another heroic escape added with the impetus of revenge brings Nate to Borneo and Nepal. Scaling ice caves, unearthing forgotten temples, escaping helicopters on a derailed train on a mountainside along the way to finding Shambhala in Himalayas. The stories told in such detail would convince anyone to buy another round to hear more stories that couldn’t possibly be true!

Starting in London, going to France, and finally ending in Syria–the story telling would bring Drake to the “Atlantis of the Sands” to uncover another lost treasure. Another revenge tale hunting after those who betrayed him and his friends in the pursuit for treasure. This repetitive story structure should have anyone yawn from boredom, but the set pieces and events keep me wanting more. Abandoned shipyards, escaping a burning mansion, and even surviving falling out of a cargo plane test our imagination before he tells of wandering the desert and ultimately saving his long time friend and mentor.

Certainly there cannot be another escapade that this fellow bar patron has to tell, right?! Drake would ensure that he has one more to share and I’d probably have to offer another drink as he begins his final story. Another exotic trip around the world, including Scotland and Madagascar, because of a lead from his believed to be his deceased older brother. This time chaotic motorcycle chases, ancient death-defying puzzles, and battles with a competing mercenary group that propel him to discover another lost treasure, this time in Libertalia.

This seemingly everyday man is either the greatest storyteller alive or has survived the most exhilarating events one man could dream about. True or not, meeting this man would provide an experience that I would never forget.

What gaming character would you like to meet? What environment would be best to meet them? Let us know below or join in on Discord.

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