Boss Rush Banter: What New Genre of Video Game Would You Create?

Role playing games, first person shooters, dating simulators, and educational games: these are just some of the video game genres we have come to love, despise, or mash up. There is so much content out there to categorize games today, but what if a new one came into the fold and changed gaming in general?

DNA Strands and textbooks

The genre I would like to create would be called “Bio-Behave”. Games that will help you understand the biology of human negative behavior. In this genre, you can learn about the negativity and toxicity in people’s attitudes; then your goal is to correct their attitude to something positive. Once you correct their attitude you then showcase the mental harm their toxic attitude had, and adjust the situation to show the person how to help others. Overall, you discover the science of disgusting attitudes from the human mind.

Of course, it would have other elements from other genres, but these games would focus on preparing you for mitigating the impact other humans have in such states. Environments in these games can take place in retail, streets, divorce court, or even at a local Chuck E Cheese. You’ll get to see how a person develops mannerisms and traits that are harmful toward family, clubs, and organizations, whereas they see their traits as normal.

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Bio-Behave titles also come with monitoring software so when you are being verbally abusive it tracks that person’s comments, stores their voice, and gives you data about that person’s behavior from others. You can see statistics on how detrimental they are and what factors could cause this. Now, it’s only a pattern of their negativity, and nothing else. You can give them a name or see what name pops up.

This genre can teach how to mentally and physically prepare for these situations. When playing these games, your reactions can be in card form, voice chat, or even being an operator where you have to respond without them noticing the sarcasm in your voice (if you can pull it off). There’s so much potential and less need to ask questions like why they haven’t seen a counselor since the ending of The Muppet Babies cartoon show to have better values and behavior.

This would be the new gaming genre that I would create. It would help a multitude of gamers, employees, and more who deal with people in real life, along with game designers who receive an abundance of awful messages of hate and violence for no apparent reason. Bio-Behave games would work wonders and these games may have a chance to not only change the industry, but change people’s lives.

What genre would you create? If you wanted to play a game in this genre, what would you take from it? Let us know in the comments and on our Discord.

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