Boss Rush Banter: What Sports Games Deserve a Comeback?

Summer is here and for many, that means going to a ballpark and enjoying a baseball game! However, gamers have the beauty of enjoying sports year-round with amazing sports franchises like FIFA, Madden, MLB The Show, and many more, but what sports franchises deserve a comeback? In this article let’s take a dive into a few sports franchises that deserve returns to current-gen consoles!

NFL Blitz

NFL fans in the late ’90s and early 2000s enjoyed Midway’s NFL Blitz; Blitz was a no-rules game that was brutal to its on-screen players. Blitz was most popular in its arcade format where gamers could play against their friends right before they inhaled way too much Chuck E. Cheese Pizza. Blitz was offensive, loud, and had no place in being a popular game for kids but it could hit the nostalgic button with gamers of all ages. I would love to see Blitz back on our screens with the current generation of consoles. 


It has been WAY too long since we have seen a Fifa/NFL Street game. FIFA tried a variation on street with FIFA Volta debuting in 2019 and it was decent but it didn’t match the intensity fans were used to with the older Street games. I think EA could help get fans on their side by releasing a new Street game or giving us a remaster with the old-school rosters. Who knows maybe this is already in development and we will see it at E3!

Backyard Sports 

This game is the whole reason I wanted to write this article…BRING BACK BACKYARD SPORTS YOU COWARDS! Over on LAN Party (flagship show of Boss Rush Entertainment), we have had many episodes in which we sing the praises of our Lord and Savior Pablo “The Secret Weapon” Sanchez. Backyard Sports was the perfect combination of arcade-style with real sports influence, and it gave us characters to love and appreciate. Any player who loved Backyard Sports had their favorite players for each sport; Amir Khan was the perfect forward in soccer, Stephanie Morgan is the G.O.A.T. of shortstops in baseball, and Pete Wheeler is the fastest player to step foot on the gridiron. We need Backyard Sports for PC and we need it ASAP! I am begging someone, anyone to give Backyard Sports the comeback it rightfully deserves.

What games do you wish would make a comeback? Comment below!

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