MLB Power Rankings: Division Races Heat up as June Continues

June is coming to an end, and as July creeps up on Major League Baseball, teams are continuing to fight for division leads. Here is this week’s MLB Power Rankings! 

  1. San Francisco Giants (+1)

The Giants are looking absolutely incredible, and they lead one of the tougher divisions in baseball. I think at the deadline they are looking for a better 7 or 8 hole hitter just to get a little bit better production out of the bottom of the order. 

  1. Chicago White Sox (+1)

You can’t help but admire everything going right for the White Sox right now. The White Sox have veterans that lead by example, incredible pitching, and the best young players that are making an impact on the MLB early in their career. 

  1. Oakland Athletics (+3)

Last week in the rankings I mentioned how I never really know what to think of Oakland; this week the Athletics changed that perspective and are proving they are a great team that just had a few struggles early. 

  1. Tampa Bay Rays (-3)

This week the Rays went down in the rankings just slightly and thats not a knock on the Rays; I just believe that the top 3 had better weeks this week. I really like the Rays, and I am intrigued to see what they end up doing with Tyler Glasnow come the deadline; experts don’t think that the Rays are going to move him until the end of the season; however, I think the Rays may move him at the deadline.

  1. Boston Red Sox (-1)
  2. Los Angeles Dodgers (-1)

The Dodgers were shut out this week for the first time since 2019–I don’t care who you are that stat is impressive! 

  1. Houston Astros (+2)

The Astros have been hitting extremely well the last few weeks, and I love the direction they are going. I think the Astros are going to stay with the squad they have at the deadline, but if it were me I would go after a bullpen arm. 

  1. Cleveland Indians (+4)

I said this on Trash Talk a few weeks ago, and I stand by it: the Indians ownership doesn’t want to win this year, but there is too much talent on this team for them not to be a threat to the White Sox. 

  1. New York Mets (+2)

Jacob De Grom went three innings in his start against the Cubs this week, but if he can stay healthy, this Mets team will have no issues winning the NL East.

  1. Chicago Cubs (-2)

The Cubs had a weird week. They swept the Cardinals and then lost 3 out of 4 to the Mets (Cubs are the only team in baseball to not have been swept in a 3 or 4 game series this year). In spite of the week, the Cubs find themselves in sole possession of first place in the division. I love this Cubs team, but they need starting pitching and luckily the Cubs’ ownership made comments this week about their plan to buy at the deadline. 

  1. Milwaukee Brewers (-1)
  2. San Diego Padres (-5)

The Padres take a slide back this week because they learned that Tatis cannot win every game for them. The team really needs some starting pitching help, and their bullpen could use a little bit more life. 

  1. New York Yankees (+1)
  2. Cincinnati Reds (+7)
  3. St. Louis Cardinals (-)

I think the Cardinals are really being tested right now; they need to find a way to come together and get some wins together before the All-Star Game. Otherwise they could turn into sellers at the deadline.

  1. Philadelphia Phillies (+2)
  2. Seattle Mariners (-)
  3. Toronto Blue Jays (-5)
  4. Los Angeles Angels (-)
  5. Atlanta Braves (-)
  6. Washington Nationals (+2)
  7. Kansas City Royals (-6)

Thank god for Salvador Perez; otherwise the Royals would be in the bottom 5 of this list. 

  1. Miami Marlins (-1)
  2. Detrioit Tigers (-)
  3. Minnesota Twins (-)

Did the Twins forget that they need to be competitive? The Twins look absolutely lost this season, and I have no idea what this team is thinking for the future. 

  1. Texas Rangers (+2)
  2. Colorado Rockies (-1)
  3. Pittsburgh Pirates (+2)
  4. Baltimore Orioles (-2)
  5. Arizona Diamondbacks (-1)

How did your favorite team do this week in the rankings? Comment below, and we might give you a shout-out next week in the rankings!

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