New Trailer Dropped for Survival Horror Game, Chernobylite

The Farm 51 dropped a new trailer for their July 28th release of Chernobylite, a survivor horror RPG game. This trailer focuses more on the story, allowing players a sneak peak into the protagonist, Igor, and his run-ins with the Black Stalker.

Igor once worked at the infamous Chernobyl power plant and has now returned to unearth whatever he can about what happened to his long lost love. Gameplay mechanics include base-building, resource management, and overall survival with non-linear story development.

There is an early access version of Chernobylite, of which, the developer also released a patch that improved various bugs that were present.

Check out the story trailer below:

Chernobylite will officially arrive on July 28th on PC. We can expect additional platforms such as PS4 and Xbox One later this summer as well.

Will you be picking up Chernobylite this summer? Let us know in our Boss Rush Discord channel!

Sources: Gamespot, Chernobylite

Image Source: Chernobylite

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